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Like many leaders I know, I’m well intentioned. I care deeply about the people I lead and in the midst of crisis, conflict and strategic decisions, I place the interests of my people on equal footing as the results. I’m committed to this and yet my efforts fall flat or go unappreciated. For a few years, I’ve been using the question, “How can I support you?” The question typically comes after…


I bet you didn’t realize that when you joined corporate America that you were also volunteering to become a firefighter. You don’t run into burning buildings to save the day or rescue small cats from trees. Instead, your typical day looks like this: Wake up and check email. Respond to the emails with flaming hot issues before leaving the house. Make a call or two during the commute to review what…


A client was in the beginning stages of efforts to improve the organizations culture to be more collaborative and where employees are more engaged. I advised the CEO to begin the culture change by improving the quality and amount of listening among leaders and employees. They gave lip service to the importance of listening and then asked me to dive into what they believe are more critical topics. The…


My clients come to me to help them develop a coaching approach to the conversations their leaders have. I teach them the skills and mindset for coaching and advise leadership teams on how to create a coaching culture in their organization. There is no doubt that bringing a coaching approach into an organization can be a powerful way to build the capacity of people to deliver and release discretionary…


Over the last few years, there has been a decided turn against setting New Year resolutions. I’ve never been a resolution person and this year especially, I’ve rejected the notion of resolutions, intentions, visioning and the myriad of devices people use to get a fresh start in a new year. While I’ve rejected those, I’ve felt a desire to establish something that will be my guide through the year. I…

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