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Ten years ago, I felt stuck. I had a demanding job that paid very well. I was a volunteer leader in my church that required a significant amount of my time each week. Our first child had just been born. I was a pretty happy guy, but I desperately wanted more.

I speak to, teach, and coach hundreds of leaders a year and find they often feel the same way.

They have a deep desire to make an impact in the world, but they don’t quite know what that would look like. They feel scared of failing and of losing everything that they have built up to this point. They fear not being loved or liked if they make a change.

They feel conflicted because while they want to make an impact, they fear losing what they already have, because they have a family to provide for. They feel like a captive and want to break free of the golden handcuffs but are afraid of taking chances, breaking rules and putting it all at risk.

They realize that what they’re doing is not sustainable, but they don’t see a way forward. They don’t feel capable or courageous enough and this is frustrating.

If you’ve ever wondered, “Where do I begin?” — the video below is for you:

As I say in the video, you are meant for so much more. You are a precious creation of God. You’re designed to work, to lead, and to accomplish things in this world. You’re designed to live a joy-filled life.

The path forward is leadership. First, leading yourself, and then leading others.

I believe that in order to lead others, you must lead yourself first. I believe that leadership is based on relationships, vision, and service. Leading in this way brings inner joy and satisfaction — the deep satisfaction of knowing you are aligned with the principles of life.

As we work together, something clicks. My clients have more freedom because they have an awareness of the possibilities. There’s freedom from the stories they’ve told themselves about not being able to live a quiet life, provide for a family and have financial success while also being able to make a greater impact.

They feel like they’ve been activated in a way that they’ve never really experienced before and they are clear that they can make a difference. They learn to embrace fear and the purpose it serves as a compass just as much as they enjoy the high of success – they realize that it’s all just part of the process. They believe in themselves and they trust that they are enough. They are content, self-aware and have courage.

Like me, my clients realize that they get to decide what success looks like – no one else does. They have a commitment to inner peace and the smaller moments in life.

If you’re ready to explore leading by your true design or uncovering the mission God has for you — let’s talk. As part of my mission of service, I reserve time every week to connect with and support leaders like you. Contact me here to schedule a complimentary powerful coaching conversation.

Jeff Harmon

Jeff Harmon is the president of Brilliance Within Coaching & Consulting which specializes in developing servant leaders while helping them translate their strategies into actionable plans that drive business results. Jeff is the author of “The Anatomy of a Principled Leader.” Jeff has been developing leaders for nearly 20 years and has led the execution of over 100,000 hours of business strategy for information technology, financial services and non-profit organizations.

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