Servant Leadership


If you’re reading this, you’re likely a natural doer and achiever. Those of us that are natural doers and achievers have the tendency to want to exert a measure of control over most situations, particularly those in the workplace. We have a hard time just letting things be and unfolding naturally without the force of our will taking over. That force of human will, effort and focused intention can be…

My 7 Year Old Servant Leader thumbnail

I had the chance to spend the whole day with my two daughters, Maddie and Gloria, on Monday.  My wife started back to school before them and I jumped at the chance to have a day all to myself with them.  I’m so very grateful to have a business that affords me the freedom to do this when the opportunities arise. After a day of playing, library-ing and swimming, I had the chance to stop and think…

Happy Birthday to Modern Servant Leadership thumbnail

July 14 is the anniversary of Robert K. Greenleaf’s birth.  Born in Terre Haute, Indiana in 1904, Greenleaf, the father of modern servant leadership, set forth a counter-cultural perspective on leadership from his days at AT&T until his passing in 1990 that has a growing influence today. In celebration of his birthday and the profound impact he made and continues to make on the field of…

What Does Dignity Have to Do With Leadership? thumbnail

In studies of what employees want from an organization, being treated with dignity and respect always ranks higher than money.  What does this really mean? If dignity is so important, leaders better understand it. The word dignity is one of those that I’m never quite sure of it’s definition but know how it feels when my own takes a hit.  The dictionary definition of dignity is the state or…

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