Being a new leader is an exciting, scary, thrilling and challenging prospect. When I was a new leader, I let the outside world know that I had it all figured out, but inside I feared failure, struggled with assertiveness and wondered, “Who in the world would ever follow me?” Here are four guiding practices for every new leader to embrace with both arms as you start on this important journey and will…


Working in a toxic environment, where the senior leader is lurking in the shadows, ruling with fear and manipulation, can be extremely stressful and doubly so if you feel unable to make a change. This is a multifaceted issue with many variables that require time and deep coaching to fully unpack it; however, here are seven strategies you can begin to implement today. You can’t always control the…


Humility is typically considered to be the opposite of being prideful. While this contrast has been highlighted as a key characteristic of highly effective leaders (see Good to Great by Jim Collins), there is another aspect of humility that gives it its real power for a leader. That is authenticity; not being pretentious. Patrick Lencioni calls is “getting naked” and wrote a book by the same name. The…


Kindness is another one of those words that has a variety of definitions and usually is associated with a feeling towards the recipient of our kindness. However, kindness is much more about how we act towards another than how we feel and a concrete act that embodies kindness is showing attention. Science proves again and again that attention is one of the most basic of human needs and serving this need can…


Like the lighting in a room sets the mood, patience, as a leadership practice, sets the mood for the work environment.  It creates an environment that’s safe for people to make mistakes, have healthy conflict and take calculated risks. The power of a patient leader doesn’t come from position or some form of outer authority, but it creates deep inner authority with those being lead. A patient…

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