One of the most frequently asked leadership questions I receive is how can I be hard-nosed about results, hold my people accountable while also maintaining a commitment to putting people first? The problem with this question is that it is being asked as an “either or” question. The asker is presuming that the answer will be one or the other. In truth, the answer is a leader can be BOTH rigorous about…


January usually brings with it kick-off meetings and team get-togethers to set priorities for the year ahead and lay out a plan. You have important things to say and some of them are to address things that didn’t work so well last year or areas that must change if the team and/or organization will take the next step. These might be difficult things for some to hear. These meetings will set a tone for…


While supporting the growth of individuals on your team is part of your job, it is often lowered on the list of to-dos because of the time and money many leaders believe is required to do it well. This is especially true in smaller organizations where there isn’t a talent management group and where most dollars are needed to sustain and grow the business. For those who take the development of their…


Being a new leader is an exciting, scary, thrilling and challenging prospect. When I was a new leader, I let the outside world know that I had it all figured out, but inside I feared failure, struggled with assertiveness and wondered, “Who in the world would ever follow me?” Here are four guiding practices for every new leader to embrace with both arms as you start on this important journey and will…


Working in a toxic environment, where the senior leader is lurking in the shadows, ruling with fear and manipulation, can be extremely stressful and doubly so if you feel unable to make a change. This is a multifaceted issue with many variables that require time and deep coaching to fully unpack it; however, here are seven strategies you can begin to implement today. You can’t always control the…

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