You are called for so much more than just doing more. You are called for more than chasing the tail of accomplishment and productivity.

You are designed to work and accomplish things and to do those things in a way that is meaningful and where joy is the rule of the day.

You were designed for mission.

This free guide will help you uncover your mission as you begin your journey to a life of even more meaning, purpose and impact.

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About the author

Jeff Harmon, Founder and Head Coach

Brilliance Within Coaching and Consulting

Jeff Harmon is a character-driven, results focused coaching professional with over 20-years of experience building relationships to equip leaders and organizations to successfully execute on strategic priorities.

Jeff’s ability to access the strengths and talents of individuals and teams and distill the most complicated, overwhelming concepts into real, actionable steps has enabled him to help leaders to execute plans that produce results while also developing their capacity to lead their business. Over Jeff’s career, he has either led or facilitated the delivery of over 100,000 hours of strategy in the financial services, information technology and non-profit industries.

His client list includes GE, Novartis, BDO, PMI, SHRM, Johnson & Johnson, Merck, Fairfax County Government, Alpha Kappa Psi, Morris County Chamber of Commerce and many other companies and associations.

Jeff is author of The Anatomy of a Principled Leader, the forthcoming book, The Impact-Driven Leader and has been featured in Inc. and Business News Daily magazines.