Servant Leadership


A serving approach to leadership isn’t for everyone AND you can achieve success in your leadership endeavors without embracing it.  Yes, you read that correctly. Servant leadership is not the only way to lead your team or organization to success.  While I believe a strong case can be made for servant leadership being the model that leads to the highest levels of success, there are many examples in…

If You Don’t Measure People Development, it Doesn’t Exist thumbnail

We measure all sorts of things.  Quality, Profit, Safety, Engagement, Retention, Turnover are measured and those are all things that matter.  If a red flag is raised on any one of these, depending on the nature of your organization, you go into action quickly and take steps to correct it. One item that rarely makes it to the list is people development.  If your organization expects to sustain and also…

Leadership in a Volunteer Organization: Mission Impossible?? thumbnail

A volunteer leader on my team, in an organization where we both serve, passed me in frustration yesterday as one of his team members didn’t live up to their responsibility and put him and the rest of the team into panic mode.  I quickly said to him that we have to have a conversation with this person.  He tersely said, “Yeah right.  That will do a lot of good in a volunteer…

If I Could Only Teach One Leadership Lesson… thumbnail

I have the privilege to work with college students from around the country teaching them about leadership and what it takes to be successful in the working world. Recently, someone asked me what one leadership lesson I would teach to these students if I could only teach one lesson. The single leadership lesson is to serve. Take a deep interest in people and add massive value. Find out what people need to…


One of the most frequently asked leadership questions I receive is how can I be hard-nosed about results, hold my people accountable while also maintaining a commitment to putting people first? The problem with this question is that it is being asked as an “either or” question. The asker is presuming that the answer will be one or the other. In truth, the answer is a leader can be BOTH rigorous about…

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