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The saying goes, “People do business with those they know, like and trust.” There are a bazillion posts that unpack that for business development but what does the phrase “know, like and trust” mean for a leader?  In this post, I’ll specifically unpack the word “trust.” When speaking about trust in leadership, let me start by saying what I’m NOT talking about. I’m not talking…


As a business owner and leader with many things on my plate each day, I often feel overwhelmed and unsure of the best use of my time each day. Even on the days when I know my most important thing, it often gets lost in the sea of to-do’s. This has been one of those weeks where I’ve found myself asking, “What is the most important thing?” and I went looking for help. The book Made to Stick by Chip…


Ten years ago, I felt stuck. I had a demanding job that paid very well. I was a volunteer leader in my church that required a significant amount of my time each week. Our first child had just been born. I was a pretty happy guy, but I desperately wanted more. I speak to, teach, and coach hundreds of leaders a year and find they often feel the same way. They have a deep desire to make an impact in the…


We’re in the season of analyzing what worked and what didn’t this year and looking to create a strategy for the New Year. The business experts are filling the shelves and our inboxes with their thoughts on what is needed to finally get the results you want. I’ve looked at a lot of the lists, attended many seminars and read the books and the strategy that I almost never see is gratitude. Gratitude is…

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