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Interested In Having Jeff Speak?

Interested In Having Jeff Speak?

Jeff Harmon speaks to and trains leaders from businesses, associations, and non-profit organizations. His style is warm, passionate, and interactive. He is a stimulating teacher who gets people to see and think in new ways.

Jeff customizes every engagement to address the audience at hand, and he adjusts during the presentation to match the level of comprehension as he goes along. Click here to book Jeff for a speaking engagement.

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Speaking & Workshop Topics

Jeff can speak and train on a number of topics. Here are some suggestions to get you thinking about how Jeff can add value to your business, organization or association:

The Anatomy Of A Principled Leader: How To Be The Person Everyone Dreams Of Working For & Doing Business With – This presentation is a fun, interactive expedition into what makes a principled leader tick. Participants will leave inspired to be that person and be equipped with tips and key practices to becoming the type of leader everyone dreams of working for and doing business with.

Leader as Coach: How To Have Powerful Conversations That Drive Performance & Change – A workshop designed to equip today’s leaders with a coach approach to conversations to enhance the results of every conversation.

Business Planning Is A Waste of Time – How to plan in a way that really grows your business: A workshop to teach participants a new way to plan that is focused, actionable and will help you tackle your highest priority business challenges.

The Top 3 Deadly Communication Mistakes That Kill Performance & Change (And How To Avoid Them) – This workshop shares the top 3 deadly communication mistakes people make and a strategy to not only avoid them, but sky rocket performance of your team.

Servant Leadership Foundations: Leadership Redefined – A workshop designed to provide a solid foundation for any organization looking to introduce servant leadership and begin to transform to an organization that is both fierce in its resolve for outstanding business results AND measurably improving the lives of all stakeholders.

Servant Leadership – Key Practices – A workshop designed to give those studying servant leadership a way to experience and apply the key practices of servant leadership and begin to design a framework for its implementation.

Transformational Project Management: Application Of Servant Leadership Into Project Management – A hands-on, interactive workshop to creating a leadership strategy for the seasoned project management professional and apply the key practices into the PM’s leadership approach. Include case studies and project simulation.

Discover Your Strengths – A workshop designed to support participants identify their top five areas of strength and design a personalized plan to work to those strengths.

Brilliance Within Coaching has also partnered with two leading learning and development companies to provide clients with a fantastic suite of learning opportunities.