Nothing that could be written here could properly explain coaching and it’s value and no client has ever decided to work with me because of what I wrote about coaching.

Gaining a true understanding of coaching, the type of coach I am and the results that are possible can only happen in a coaching experience. Coaching conversations are fearless conversations. I listen deeply, ask powerful questions, challenge ideas and thinking and speak truth in a way that rarely happens elsewhere.

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Leaders who work with me often want to:

  • Establish real and lasting influence with people without needing to resort to a “power play” and have your people saying, “I’d walk through a wall for him or her.”
  • Create an environment where team members or employees willingly volunteer their hearts, minds, commitment, creativity and ideas.
  • Skillfully communicate with individuals and teams to ensure expectations are heard and accountability is established.

Why Coaching Is Part Of Everything We Do

I deeply believe in the programs, workshops and consulting I deliver to clients, but no one has ever become a better leader through these methods or through any book, video or conference. Becoming a better leader happens through application, practice and support.

Coaching accelerates the learning and growing process by creating a safe place where client’s can bring the learned material or knowledge into reality. Every Brilliance Within program or solution includes coaching.

The combination of our custom-tailored solutions and one-on-one or group coaching is a powerful force to lift up leaders as they pursue their aspirations and goals. It’s not uncommon for this combination to help clients reach their goals 4 to 10 times faster than they would without a coach.