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On Valentine’s Day, we have the chance to step away from business and leadership building to express our love for the ones who are most important to us. For me, that’s my wife and daughters. I hope you’ll indulge me for a moment as I tell them how I feel.

Dear Sandy,

I love you. Those little words seem so incomplete when I consider everything that you mean to me in my life. Especially over these last two years as you have supported me and encouraged me in my business. Life could have been so much more “comfortable” had we taken a different path, but you encouraged me to take the plunge into my business because you know me well enough to know this is who I had to be. I can’t imagine this journey without you. If ever there were two people that were a team, it’s you and me. I know that I don’t always hold up my end of the bargain, and in those times, you’re gracious and forgiving. I’m blessed to have you as my wife, best friend and partner. Happy Valentine’s Day.


Dear Maddy,

I have so much that I want to say to you. Just thinking about you as I write this makes me want to cry with joy. Except for your mommy, I cannot imagine being more in love with someone than you. We laugh together, we learn together and sometimes we get angry at each other. We have always had a special bond. You’re my buddy! I’m proud to be your dad and stand in awe as I watch you grow each day.  I love you, Mad.and I always will. Happy Valentines Day.


Dear Gloria,

I can’t believe you’ve already been with us a year. Sitting here now, I can’t imagine our family without you. You’ve completed our family and bring so much joy to our lives. I love your smile. My favorite part of the day is when I’m dropping you off at school and I open the back door of the van. Without fail, you greet me with a huge smile, and that lights up my life! I love how curious you are and love how much you love your mommy. It’s okay, I know you’re mommy’s little girl. I can’t wait to watch you grow and see how your relationship with Maddy grows. I can see already that you two will be best friends. I love you, Gloria. Happy Valentine’s Day.


I hope you’ll take some time today to share your feelings with those you love and who mean so much to you.

Jeff HarmonJeff Harmon is the president of Brilliance Within Coaching & Consulting which specializes in developing servant leaders while helping them translate their strategies into actionable plans that drive business results. Jeff is the author of “The Anatomy of a Principled Leader.” Jeff has been developing leaders for nearly 20 years and has led the execution of over 100,000 hours of business strategy for information technology, financial services and non-profit organizations.

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