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What Does Dignity Have to Do With Leadership? thumbnail

In studies of what employees want from an organization, being treated with dignity and respect always ranks higher than money.  What does this really mean? If dignity is so important, leaders better understand it. The word dignity is one of those that I’m never quite sure of it’s definition but know how it feels when my own takes a hit.  The dictionary definition of dignity is the state or…

If You Don’t Measure People Development, it Doesn’t Exist thumbnail

We measure all sorts of things.  Quality, Profit, Safety, Engagement, Retention, Turnover are measured and those are all things that matter.  If a red flag is raised on any one of these, depending on the nature of your organization, you go into action quickly and take steps to correct it. One item that rarely makes it to the list is people development.  If your organization expects to sustain and also…